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The History of Our Planners

After 15 years of helping single professionals, athletes and celebrities find their partner, dating strategist Jasmine Diaz realized that meeting quality people was only part of the problem. The real issue is time. Time wasted on bad dates with the wrong people.

Intent on teaching them how to date effectively while minimizing time wasted on bad dates, she recognized a need for a solution to help daters manage their love lives.

In 2017, Jasmine set out on a journey to create a daily dating planner, the first of its kind. The first draft would become Bae Planner (a play on "Day Planner") with a primary goal to help busy singles achieve better work/life balance. With the Bae Planner, singles can track their dating habits, manage their dating prospects, reach their relationship goals, overcome dating obstacles, and tackle fears.

We hope that with your Bae Planner in tow, you will feel inspired to live a more fulfilling dating life because you deserve to be loved just as much as the next person.


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