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Do you have what it takes to take your #DatingLife to the next level?

Several years ago, I created a challenge to encourage single men and women just like you to push past their fears, insecurities and laziness by spending every day for two weeks living their best life.

Getting out and connecting with people is such an important part of the dating process, but many of us use “too busy” as an excuse for failing to move ahead.

I challenge you to go out every night for 5 days. Your “night out” can be to a club, wine bar, coffee house, restaurant, book store… No matter what you do, you just can’t stay home!

Every day you will leave an update in Bae’s Army highlighting your dating wins (or losses). It’s the accountability you need to reach your dating goals, but don’t forget to use your Bae Planner to organize your efforts.

How does that sound? Will you take the 5-Day Challenge? Register to join. The challenge starts NOW.

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